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Our Programs: Financial Literacy (Religious Organizations)


Managing Money God's Way


Program Overview:

The Managing Money God's Way workshops provide training and technical support to faith based organizations. The series teaches these leaders to have a sound financial management system that is accountable and in compliance with all regulatory agencies.


Examples of workshop topics include:


  1. Church Accounting & Technology
  2. The Church & the IRS
  3. The Work of the Church Trustee (Steward)
  4. Faith-Based Community Economic Development
  5. How to Establish a Clergy Compensation Package – A Five Step Approach
  6. The ABC's of Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Reporting for Churches
  7. Managing and Investing Idle Cash
  8. Church & Clergy Business and Finance Conference
  9. Payroll & Personnel: Is your Church in compliance with employment laws?
  10. Cash Management & Investing Idle Cash: Is your church's money safeguarded at all times?
  11. Financing Your Next Project: Will your church qualify for a loan?
  12. Clergy Compensation: Is your Church in compliance with employment laws?
  13. Budgeting: Is your church planning for the future through the use of budgeting?
  14. Setting up and running an effective Community Development Corporation (CDC)


This program is essential for Pastors and officers of the church. For additional information or to bring this program to your church, please call (215) 782-8833 today.


"A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding

will attain wise counsel." - Proverbs 1:5






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